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Shenandoah Log Home Restoration and Construction is a veteran-owned business with employees who cumulatively have over 50 years in the log home restoration and construction industry. We understand that a log home isn’t just a place to live, it is an investment and a family legacy. These beautiful homes require certain maintenance and attention that other homes do not. As certified log home inspectors, we are experts at identifying the issues that need to be addressed in your home and providing the necessary maintenance to restore it to its original brilliance.

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So, why should you select a log home restoration expert?

If your dog is sick, do you take him to a mechanic or a veterinarian? Obviously, just a little humor here but sometimes we are surprised when folks decide to have someone attempt to restore their log home that is not an expert in the field. In fact, many times, these contractors have no clue as to the proper process, techniques, and procedures that must be followed to do the job right. Additionally, they often use products and equipment that are cheap and even destructive to the home. These home owners often regret their decision as the home does not turn out as they expected and they have to go through the same process within a few years. As the saying goes “You get what you pay for”—have experts perform the job and you will not regret the decision. Proper maintenance and restoration by experts will save you thousands in the long run.


Recurring Services

In addition to one-time restoration services, we also provide recurring services where we clean and treat your home on an annual basis. By selecting this option, your house will look great year-round and will reduce the amount of heavy, more costly restoration needed down the road. Think of this as preventative maintenance.

A benefit of this treatment option is that, while we thoroughly clean your home, we are inspecting your home each time we visit. Therefore, small issues can be addressed immediately, before they become bigger, more costly issues.


Landscaping & External Maintenance

Need your gutters cleaned, grass cut, shrubs trimmed, mulch spread, walkways and driveways pressure washed? We can include those services as well during our visits.

Maybe you have a vacation cabin and are planning a family get-together for a long weekend. We can provide external cleaning, maintenance and landscaping services so when you and your family arrive, the house and grounds are clean and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my log home damaged beyond repair?

Occasionally, customers ask us this question during our initial meeting with them. In every case, our answer is the same: “It is not damaged beyond repair, we can fix it.” Whether it is structural damage that involves log replacement, or corner repair, deteriorated caulking and insulation concerns, water damage or insect problems—we can restore your home to its original beautiful condition.

What type of stain should I use—oil or water based?

There are outstanding oil and water based stains available on the market. Of course, some stains are better than others. If your home already has a water based stain, you want to stick with a water based stain when you re-stain it. Same holds true if you have an oil based stain.

Can you switch? Yes, but this may require removing the existing stain from the home and taking your home down to bare wood. The most effective way to do this is by media blasting the home. The type of stain that you choose to apply to your home is a big decision. It’s more than just a color. The stain protects your wood from the elements and some are more effective and last longer than others. In general, as far as colors go, the darker the stain, the better the UV protection. We highly recommend you do your research on stains before you make a decision on which type and color to go with.

Should I pressure wash my log home to clean it?

It depends—but in most cases, we do not recommend it. If the pressure from your washer is too great and/or you are too close to the surface when cleaning, you can damage the wood fibers. However, using a pressure washer on a low pressure setting and staying at least 2 feet away from the surface can effectively clean the logs. Think of it in these terms, if you are using the pressure of the washer itself to remove stubborn dirt or stains, it’s not wise. If you are using the washer to simply wet the logs, then you are fine.

We feel the most effective way to clean your home is with a garden hose and garden sprayer mixed with a quality cleaning solution—and yes, elbow grease—scrubbing tough dirt and stains with a quality non-abrasive brush that removes the dirt but does not remove the stain or fray the wood. Do not use large amounts of bleach as it can break up the molecular structure of the wood and can keep your stain from properly adhering to the wood fibers. We use an environmentally friendly cleaner that removes dirt, mold and mildew.

How do I keep insects from invading my home?

First, it is impossible in most climates to completely eliminate insects from attacking your home. However, there are techniques and procedures that can reduce their numbers and eliminate the destruction they can cause. To start, keep your home dry. Moisture attracts all kinds of insects. Secondly, keep your home clean. Dirt, mold and mildew attracts them as well. Thirdly, conduct periodic inspections to look for problem areas like boring holes, nests, etc. that indicate insect activity and apply a proper insecticide or wood stabilizer to deter or kill them.

How to I identify and prevent water damage and dry rot from occurring in areas of my log home?

The next time it rains hard, grab an umbrella, pen and notepad. Go outside and walk around your house and observe and document where the water is going. Are the gutters and downspouts functioning properly? Do you have areas above windows and doors accumulating water? Are your corners draining effectively? Are upward facing checks (cracks in the wood) accumulating water? Are there areas of your home where the wood is dark or black? This is an indication of water buildup. All of these conditions can lead to rot, decay and eventually structural problems. These conditions are also havens for insects, mold and mildew. Water is one of the biggest enemies of a log home or any wood structure. Systems like overhangs, porches and properly functioning gutters and downspouts can greatly reduce water damage to your home. Like with anything in life, identifying the problem and taking corrective action early will keep it from becoming a bigger problem later—and of course, the bigger the problem, the more expensive it is to fix.

What can I do to limit potential problems, such as dirt, mold and mildew buildup and allow my stain to last a long time?

Perhaps the two biggest things a log home owner can do is to keep the home dry and clean. We already discussed ways to keep it dry. In terms of cleanliness, you should wash your home twice a year. In the Virginia area, we recommend you clean your home in late spring and then again in late fall. Clean your home in late spring, after the pollen has fallen. Pollen can discolor your logs, attract insects and even deteriorate your stain.

Late fall is ideal because you can remove the mold, mildew and dirt that may be present as a result of the hot, humid summer months. Keeping your home clean will allow your stain to last longer and perform more effectively. A tremendous benefit of conducting this cleaning twice a year is it gives you an opportunity to inspect your home as you clean it. Again, by identifying problems early, you can take effective action, reducing expensive maintenance costs.

Can I paint the exterior of my log home?
We do not recommend painting your logs. Paint does not possess the same breathability and elasticity that log stains possess. This lack of breathability and elasticity can lead to wood deterioration and rot. We do not recommend a solid stain either as they also hide wood rot and deterioration until it potentially becomes a major problem. We recommend a high performance transparent or semi-transparent log stain.
Should I caulk the checks on my logs?

Caulk checks that are upward facing or ones that appear on window or door jams that can allow water, air or insects into the home. If upward facing checks are not sealed, rot can occur as the water has no place to drain.

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