Media Blasting

When we conduct an inspection of a log home and evaluate what is best in terms of restoration, one of the biggest determinations is whether the logs and exterior wood should be media blasted or cleaned.  If a home’s stain has significantly deteriorated and/or has significant mold, mildew and dirt that cannot be removed with a thorough cleaning, then media blasting or wet stripping will be necessary.  We prefer media blasting over wet stripping for efficiency, thoroughness and environmental purposes.

Media blasting is a high-pressure removal procedure that combines compressed air with a blasting media to produce a very efficient and dry stripping process.   The “Media” itself can be walnut shells, baking soda, corncob, glass, etc.

We typically use glass media because it is not as messy as the corncob or walnut shells and it leaves the surface of the wood a little smoother than the other types of media.  The benefit of blasting over a wet stripper is that, because the wood is dry upon completion of blasting, stain can be applied immediately.

The media that remains around the home after the blasting procedure is complete will dissipate after several rains.  The glass media looks like dust and has no harmful effects on the environment or pets.  The glass media is an EPA product and OSHA considers it a nuisance dust so there are no health effects from using it.

Media blasting should only be performed by individuals with proper training and experience, as damage to the wood’s surface can occur if left in the hands of an inexperienced operator.  Our restoration technicians are extremely experienced and proficient in this procedure.